Steven Millership Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Hi, thank you for visiting my site, my name is Steve Millership and I am a registered professional Counsellor and Hypnotherapist.

I am an experienced therapist and have been in clinical counselling practice since 2020 and hypnotherapy practice since 2011.

It can be daunting finding a therapist and beginning your counselling therapy journey but having that little bit of courage can also be very rewarding.

Taking the time to talk through your difficulties in a confidential safe place is an important part of doing effective therapeutic work together. Find out more about:

You're welcome to get in touch with me for a free 15-minute consultation so we can talk together and get a sense of each other and how I can help you. Call or text 07934 788998 or email, I aim to respond to your messages within 48 hours.

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